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Boxing Cat + PAPP’S TEA Collaboration Beer Launch

White Tea, Elderflower & Apricot Ale PAPP’S TEA Collaboration Launch

White Tea, Elderflower & Apricot Ale——拳击猫与PAPP’S TEA合作产品发行

Here at Boxing Cat Brewery we love mixing traditional and innovative processes and ingredients to create distinctive, high-quality beers. And we take pride in adding interesting and non-traditional ingredients for added distinctiveness.


That’s why we decided to partner with PAPP’S TEA, a contemporary tea brand based in Beijing dedicated to providing highest quality loose leaf teas, to create a white tea-infused beer that shows the best between both worlds.

这一次,我们找到了新锐茶品牌PAPP’S TEA进行产品合作,推出一款将白茶融合为原料的啤酒。PAPP’S TEA坐落于北京,致力于打造高品质的茶饮文化。

Beer and tea go beautifully together and we would like to invite you to join us in this spring afternoon to try our new beer, learn how we brewed this special beer, and discover how fun tea drinking can be with some of PAPP’S TEA amazing tea cocktails, kombucha, functional blends, or some of the best single-origin teas this world has to offer.

啤酒与茶完美融合。我们邀请您在春日的下午与我们一同品鉴这一款新啤酒,来体验酿酒之趣 ,也跟着PAPP’S TEA一起探索茶道的无限可能性。


Date: May 20th Sunday

Starting Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Address: Lil' Laundry Unit 120, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu




开始时间:4:00pm – 6:00 pm

地址:南京西路1376号,上海商城120室,Lil’ Laundry